Project Support by UBecom was founded in 2009 for executive technical personnel. Our professionals can be deployed from conceptual design to detailed engineering. In document control and expediting activities and in the construction and commissioning phase of a project.

VCU Certification

UBecom is a VCU certified company. Our OSH (safety, health and welfare) policy is fully focused on this. We provide our employees with clear instructions and information about working safely. We provide – in consultation with the client – ​​for personal protective equipment. If necessary, we arrange that our employees can obtain a VCA basis or VCA VOL certificate free of charge.

NEN Certification

Project Support by UBecom is included in the special register of the SNA (Stichting Normering Arbeid).

Deposit at least 25% of the full invoice amount, including VAT, into your supplier’s G-account, stating the invoice number and period of deployment. You will then be indemnified against possible claims in the event of the bankruptcy of your supplier and unpaid payroll taxes and/or VAT returns from your supplier.

Project Support by UBecom meets the additional conditions for the NEN 4400-1 certification. This means that Project Support by UBecom has the NEN certification more than in order.

Chain Liability Act (WKA)

Every quarter we email the WKA statements from the Tax Authorities to our clients. An extra confirmation and reassurance, showing that payroll taxes and sales taxes are paid on time.

Recognized Referee IND

To hire highly skilled migrants and researchers, an organization must be recognized by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). Project Support by UBecom has been assessed as a reliable partner and therefore we can attract staff more quickly through a visa procedure.

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