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UBecom stands for a high degree of professionalism, a high commitment and extensive knowledge of the market. UBecom is at the forefront of new developments and is emphatically committed to long-term cooperation with all stakeholders.

About UBecom

The working method of UBecom is KERN-marking: quality, customer-friendliness and a focus on results are central. We take both our technical professionals and the clients extremely seriously and do not lose sight of our core values:







UBecom professionals facilitate clients at home and abroad in realizing projects. Our clients are mainly internationally operating companies such as end customers (plant owners), operators and international and local engineering firms, which are active in the up- and downstream, FPSO industry and renewable energy (sustainable energy, green energy or renewable energy). UBecom professionals can be deployed from junior to lead level in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering (E&I), process engineering, civil and steel construction and related disciplines such as expediting and document control.

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