As an engineering party we have two challenges that we are going to face. Looking for challenging projects is one goal, deploying the right people for our clients is the other. Of course, our professionals all have a technical background. They live in and speak the language of technology. It’s easier to talk and works faster.

UBecom Engineering

UBecom Engineering was founded in 2010 and focuses specifically on the project-based deployment of senior technical personnel in advice and implementation processes. After the need has been inventoried and coordinated, we select a specialist to carry out this specific assignment. UBecom professionals take over those tasks that are not in-house or for which no capacity can be made available. Our professionals always work on a project basis. Their experience, knowledge and skills enable them to operate independently. As a result, a project is staffed as efficiently as possible.

Oil, gas and power industry

UBecom professionals can be deployed in engineering (project) management, planning & cost control processes up to and including construction and maintenance management in the oil industry, gas industry and power industry.

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